5 Steps Men Take to Challenge Old Narratives and Access Ageless Potential

Can we change the narrative surrounding ageing? In this article our team looked into the steps men take to challenge old narratives and access ageless potential, inspired by Neil Jordan.

As the world evolves, so should our perspectives, especially when it comes to the narrative surrounding ageing. For too long, society has perpetuated damaging and outdated beliefs and social conditioning attitudes about getting older, shaping a storyline that often undermines the potential for growth, success and fulfillment in the later chapters of life.

Generational clashes have persisted throughout history and in late 2019, the phrase “OK, Boomer” went viral, sparking a widespread and pointed exchange of vitriol between the younger individuals who embraced it and the older generation who vehemently opposed it.It’s time to challenge these old narratives, especially for professionals and business-minded individuals who are seeking to renew their sense of purpose and self-worth.

This week’s Web Summit brought together over 75,000 of the world’s foremost technology experts, with nearly half of them being women. However, the Summit wasn’t without its share of controversy and we had the privilege to witness discussions and debates and get to know better legends of creativity like Neil Jordan, 73, a man of immense modesty but renowned for his accomplishments at the heart of the film direction and literature.

Reflections on Creativity and Controversy at Web Summit 2023

Neil Jordan is an Irish author, screenwriter and film director. Neil’s first book, Night In Tunisia, won the Guardian Fiction prize in 1979. Neil has made more than 20 films and won an Oscar for The Crying Game. On a packed room Neil shared his insights on ‘life, love and loss’ on stage and Q& A . The acclaimed director and author looked into the challenges and satisfactions inherent in his roles, offering a unique perspective on the complexities of being a visionary creator movie director and a gifted author. On reflection, life is not about what you are given but what you do about what you are not given in life.

Beyond the conventional topics, Neil’s depth of reflections, provided a rare glimpse into the mind of a creative visionary, navigating the currents of both artistic expression and societal dialogue. Neil Jordan’s voice resonated with young and ageless men alike, offering a nuanced and contemplative take on the challenges faced by those in the creative spotlight.

Breaking the Mold: Statistics Speak Louder Than Stereotypes

As the Web Summit unfolded with its mix of innovation, controversy and insightful dialogues, Neil’s contributions added a layer of introspection to this event that will continue to resonate for decades to come while humanity will continue to struggle at the intersection of technology, creativity and societal controversy.

Let’s confront the myths head-on with some eye-opening statistics. According to a recent study by the World Economic Forum, individuals over the age of 50 are starting businesses at a rate almost twice that of their younger counterparts. This goes against the conventional wisdom that suggests entrepreneurial spirit diminishes with age. In fact, experience and wisdom gained over the years often translate into a higher likelihood of business success.

A survey conducted by Harvard Business Review found that companies with a diverse age range in leadership positions consistently outperform their competitors. It’s clear that the age-old notion that younger is always better in the business world is nothing more than a worn-out stereotype.

The Power of Experience: A Competitive Edge

In the professional arena, experience is an invaluable asset that only grows richer with time. Challenge the misconception that innovation and adaptability are solely the domain of the young. In reality, those who have weathered the storms of business are often better equipped to navigate challenges, make strategic decisions, and mentor the next generation of leaders.

Consider this: A report from the Society for Human Resource Management reveals that older employees tend to have a stronger work ethic, greater commitment to their roles, and a wealth of industry knowledge. These attributes make them indispensable assets in any organization.

Redefining Success: Beyond the Corner Office

Success is not limited to the corner office or a specific age bracket. It’s about finding purpose and fulfillment in your professional journey, regardless of the chapter you’re in. A study published in the Journal of Aging and Social Policy indicates that individuals who maintain a positive outlook on ageing are more likely to pursue challenging goals and continue thriving in their careers.

As a professional or business-minded individual, challenge yourself to break free from the societal expectations that may have constrained your dreams in the past. Embrace the idea that success can be achieved at any age and in various forms, whether it’s through mentoring the next generation, launching a new venture, writing a poem or contributing your expertise to a cause you’re passionate about.

Embrace the Inner Ageless Man

It’s time to shatter the glass ceiling of ageism and redefine success on our own terms. Embrace the ageless man you are with confidence. Find that ageless place in your heart where wisdom, experience and a renewed sense of purpose converge to create a powerful force in the professional landscape. Challenge the old narratives, and step boldly into a future where your worth is not determined by the number of candles on your birthday cake, but by the impact you continue to make.

As you embark on this journey, remember: Success knows no age. It’s your mindset, your commitment to growth and your ability to celebrate the unique contributions that each phase of life brings to the table. The time to challenge old narratives is now—have the courage to access the ageless man within.

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