Andrew Santiago- Defining Visions through Podcast Production

Ideally we try to align our passions with whatever profession we choose to do in adulthood. This path does not always go in a straight direction, but has many twists and turns as you move forward. You may take a U-turn, and begin to walk backwards, but eventually another curve will come, aligning you with your mission as you keep moving in the direction you desire. This path of life takes a lot of guts, and an eternity of hard work.  But when you reach the finish line, you will be able to look back and say. “I did that”.

Andrew Santiago was born in Paterson New Jersey to a loving family. His father served his community as a Patterson police officer and instilled a moral compass in his young son Andrew. Paterson can be a dangerous place for a young child to grow up with so many distractions that may draw you into the ugliness of life. With a strong home foundation, Andrew was able to stay on the straight path and survive where many have failed.

His love for music and his talent for hearing it in a different way, being able to break it apart down to its core components, allowed success with helping his friends and family create beautiful works of art. His eye for talent and ear for music compelled him to attend college in New York City for audio engineering. In that time Andrew learned the terminology for techniques that he already knew. When he was young, his talent was undefined, the education allowed him to define and speak professionally on something that he felt deeply passionate about.

This talent and passion allowed Andrew to create Silk City productions.  Silk City is the name given to Paterson due to its early industry in the silk manufacturing business. It is highly doubtful that silk is still produced in inside Patterson, but the name still remains a source of pride to its many residents. 

He was on his way to making this love a true profession. His first studio was extremely professional, although it didn’t appear to be. Something as simple as a window cut into the booth so that he may see the artist performing while he is recording.  Andrew learned as he moved forward and before he knew it, his name became a trusted icon within the local music scene.

Little by little, Andrew’s passion became expertise. Along with his wife, Kattia, Andrew’s next move was to open ANJ recording studios in Pompton, Plains New Jersey.  His entrepreneurial spirit was destined for success.  With the boom of the Podcast industry, Andrew’s studio was set up to be the premier northern Jersey recording location. Always willing to go the extra mile led customers to seek out his services.

Andrew has been a key component and driving force behind the success of many great recordings, artists, and podcasts. His willingness to put in the extra work and drive to go the extra mile is what separates him from the crowd. While this is a business and his primary support of his family, Andrew truly becomes invested in his clientele and sets them up for success. 

When Andrew Santiago goes to work in the morning, he does so with a clear head and open eyes, knowing that what he is doing as a producer is a value added service to the world of art. He has committed to memorializing life stories and heartfelt projects bringing them to light so that they may live on for eternity.

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