The Sun Also Rises with Hope: Leaving 2023 and Entering 2024

There is always hope, you maybe scared, but you will make it through

and ultimately you will be alive

Kevin P. Donaldson

I woke up this morning as my head drifted to the east. This big, glowing orange orb rose from the horizon and brightened up the world.  For 49 years, this same celestial event has taken place without failure.   Some days are obstructed by darkness and clouds, but behind those clouds sits that ever present star. Other days the warm beams kiss my cheeks “good morning” feeling so wonderful you close your eyes to drink it in.

The rising Sun is an astronomical event that we all have become accustomed to, taking its life-giving warm embrace for granted. We approach each new day with optimism. The little secret of life is that optimism is a gamble. Sometimes you roll the dice and win, and other times you crap out. 

As we close out 2023 and look back on all the sunny and dark days, there is one constant, the sun always rose.  No matter the trauma, no matter the suffering, no matter the blessings, on the next day that beautiful sun rose high in the sky and kept us alive.  And being alive allowed us to walk through the darkness and find the sunlight once again.

Focusing on those dark days that may have occurred in 2023 will blind you to those beautiful days that are inevitably right around the corner. Those days that are as constant as the sun. Those days that are always there, even if they’re obscured by clouds.   This ideology is more commonly referred to as HOPE. 

The absence of hope is a sunlight killer. The loss of hope will kill you quicker than a bullet. But the fact that Hope saves lives should be the one tool in your toolbox as you leave 2023 and move into 2024. 

On January 1st the world will rejoice in newfound motivation, trying to achieve their resolutions for the new year.  Entering into those resolutions with optimism, but failing to have hope once they see the BRIGHT sun doesn’t shine,  But only the dreary sight of bleak clouds is in sight. Hope is that essential element That is the only true key to success.

The failures in my life have come from the loss of hope, and the successes have come when hope never wained. So whatever your motivation may be to change 2024 and become the best you, whatever your goal, hope must be the engine that drives the vehicle.

There are times that will try your soul. As I know the sun will rise tomorrow I also know that difficulties, trauma, and suffering will be it’s forever companion. Keep in mind that we are never as good as our best day but we also are never as bad as our worst day.  

Every day my prayers go out with the intentions that these words find you when hope seems in short supply. When you need a little fuel in your gas tank. That fuel comes in the form of Hope and my wish for 2024 is that we all grab onto Hope and never let go.

Who is Kevin

Surviving post traumatic stress and multiple suicide attempts, Kevin P. Donaldson found resiliency in the embrace of his trauma. Retiring from the police department in New Jersey in 2014 after being involved in a shooting during a domestic incident, Kevin struggled to find peace inside his own chaotic mind dealing with feelings that were foreign and new while fighting through the difficulties that life threw his way.

Kevin now Chronicles his struggles by speaking out and destigmatizing mental health to find resiliency in facing suffering head-on by showing that there is a way to find your smile once again.   Find Kevin’s work and dedication to face the truth as the host of The Suffering Podcast.

His work now includes his dedication to repaying the assistance that was given during his most trying of times with His Non-Profit organization Dented Development Project which helps first responders and their families repair dents caused by Suffering.  In 2022, Kevin was honored by being named to Who’s Who in America. 

Kevin has been honored to be selected by Rich Man Magazine, Rich Woman Magazine, and Sovereign Global Magazine to be an Executive Contributor highlighting stories on a variety of topics and individual.

In 2022, Kevin was a guest on Soft White Underbelly detailing his story which led to being one of the creator Mark Laita’s favorite interviews on his channel as mentioned on “The Joe Rogan Experience”.

Coming in January of 2024, Kevin is co-authoring a book with Detective Chris Anderson called Man You Are Crazy chronicling his journey into and out of the darkness exploring Mental Health in the Police world.

A seasoned Motivational Speaker, Kevin P. Donaldson is known for transforming the lives of audiences. His talks are attended by people of all ages and backgrounds. Kevin’s approach toward finding success and healing is approached by embracing your pain and running towards it head on.

Kevin P. Donaldson
Kevin P. Donaldson

An accomplished author, seasoned Motivational Speaker and Podcast Host, Kevin P. Donaldson is known for transforming the lives of audiences. His talks are attended by people of all ages and backgrounds. Kevin's approach toward finding success and healing is approached by embracing your pain and running toward it head-on.

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