William Mazur: Police to Peace

A Life’s Mission That Led to a Calling

“Once you get a taste of being a helping professional, there is no greater feeling on this earth.”  William “Bill” Mazur. 

From the time we are born, strength becomes one of our most basic necessities. In the crib, we first develop the strength to turn over, to smile or lift our head. The next step is to develop the strength to stand up and take your first step. This is done slowly by crawling before you can walk.  As we grow and some of us get involved in athletics, we desire the strength to become the best on the playing field. In our teenage years, we may find the gym and progress until we start seeing visible results in the mirror. By the time adulthood rolls around, we give the appearance of a piece of chiseled marble sculpted by Michelangelo himself.  While we train our bodies in an attempt to be impervious, and become the tip of the spear, many of us are incredibly neglectful of the need to strengthen the mind to stand resilient against the unseen forces of daily life. 

Atlantic City, New Jersey is one of the toughest cities in the nation. It was here in the lower Chelsea neighborhood that Bill Mazur was born. His family had been part of the fabric of the city long before the high-rise gambling casinos came in and changed the area forever.  Bill‘s father was part of one of the premier law-enforcement agencies in the area, the Atlantic City Police Department, Showing his son, the value of hard work, honor, and loyalty.

There was never any hard work shortage when it came to Bill. Always pushing himself to be better, stronger, faster. Finding peace inside of pushing his body within the walls of  the gym, Bill excelled at powerlifting and all forms of strength competitiveness.  By the time his teenage years struck, Bill attended Holy Spirit High School in Absecon New Jersey as a well rounded physical specimen, who was always willing to do what was needed and necessary to reach the next level.

Learning from his father‘s example, Bill had an inkling that a career in law enforcement would suit him. Often dreaming of joining a federal agency, such as the FBI and putting his strength to the test. While Bill was still in college, the Atlantic City Police Department experienced a hiring blitz. After some urging from friends, Bill reluctantly took the test and scored in the top percentile.  After relishing in his victory of coming out in the top, the Atlantic City Police Department came calling in rapid succession,  offering Bill a job.

Spending much of his young life dedicated to strengthening his body, Bill excelled in the Police Academy, and soon was ready to hit the streets.  Bill’s physical stature was not his most valuable weapon, he was also incredibly intelligent and driven. Bill was prepared to do his job and serve honorably just as his father had done before him.

Being resilient, intelligent, and proactive, Bill found himself matriculating through the ranks rather quickly. People like him don’t come around every day, and if your administration is worth their salt, they will recognize the potential talent.

As Bill reached a rank where he had considerable ability to enact true positive policy change, he felt it was his duty to not just fall in line, but to advocate for the needs of others to make their department the best place it could possibly be. Spearheading the project of constructing and raising funds for a brand new fitness facility within the Atlantic City Police Department, Bill wanted to create an atmosphere of healthy officers while also building camaraderie within a safe area. Bill had always been under the impression that a strong body will assist a strong mind. There are values to physical exercise far beyond just looking good and feeling good. 

During this time the Atlantic City Police Department experienced a  rash of suicides within their ranks. When you experience a close friend, who chooses to take a temporary condition and turn it into a permanent solution, you’re left wondering, “how did I miss the signs, what am I not seeing”?  it is natural to become introspective when tragedy such as this happens close to home.  “Maybe if I would’ve made one more phone call, or reached out one extra time, some of these could’ve been avoided.”  

The specter of these lost officers never went out of focus, but Bill realized that life must move on. Attending the FBI National Academy, and rising to the rank of Deputy Chief, Bill Mazur had the respect of the men and women throughout that department. Not every policy change that a boss makes is popular, but Bill is a man of his word, stated perfectly by him “Say what you’re gonna do, then, do what you say”.  Leading the police department during a difficult time when Atlantic City was in transition financially, revealed Bill‘s true character. 

Finally in 2017, 25 years of service was enough. The Administrative drama, seeing officers, lost to suicide, police involved shootings, showed Bill that while this life of service is a wonderful and noble pursuit, it can emotionally destroy many lives. Bill had spent his life, making sure that his body was strong and assisting those around him, now it was time for his next phase in life, to strengthen the mind. With this mindset, Bill retired from the Police Department.

Joining the team at Acadia Healthcare, Bill’s reputation alone was able to open doors that it previously had been closed. As Acadia’s first responder liaison, Bill found a calling that he was unaware existed. Making sure that an officer leaves this job with their soul intact. Finding non-judgmental and confidential help during times of difficulty and despair. His new life consists of daily phone calls with despondent officers or first responders, witnessing what true strength is, a person strong enough to ask for help.  Finding the best help available so they can return to doing what they loved. Hoping they have the same fulfilling career that he was fortunate to complete.  “Of course it was supposed to happen this way, nothing is coincidence” Bill says with a smirk.

Bill Mazur pursued a career in law-enforcement, thinking and believing that body strength is the key to a successful life. In truth,  good physical fitness is a key component, focusing solely on that will leave blind spots that trauma can exploit and capitalize on, slowly destroying even the most physically fit.  You will never meet a more caring and genuine professional, who is truly dedicated to first responder mental wellness.  While Bill still trains vigorously to maintain his physical fitness, his priorities have splintered to assure that mental health becomes part of the formula. 

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